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Sam Ness’ “Live in Studio” is untamed, powerful and intimate. A unique blend of intricate loop pedal soundscapes, jazzy piano pieces and enchanting folk melodies; these one-take tracks embody the rawness that can only be found at a live Sam Ness show.

“I wanted to record an album that sounds like my live show. I wanted these tracks raw and in the moment, some using a loop pedal to build the visions I see, others just my guitar and kick drum. I wanted to share something honest with you all, personal and vulnerable. That means leaving out any doctoring, autotune, or patches.

With that being said, my goals and visions would be nothing without your help. I really can’t express my gratitude enough to those who made this album possible through the Kickstarter campaign. This journey really would be impossible without all of your excitement, your words of encouragement, and your endless support. This road’s for no-one else.”

-Sam x


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